Check the latest poem by RJ Wiechecki titled News Boy (see below).  In the world of fake news, it is hard to imagine what a news boy selling papers would say on the streets as they did in the turn of the 20th Century would have to say.  But to be sure, they would a […]

  Drip; drip; drip; drip; DROP! Duck; duck; duck; duck; GOOSE! Punch; punch; punch; punch; SLAP! a drip’s still a drop. Ducks and geese are bird. A slap still is hurt. However it’s done, someone’s the outcast; someone’s chosen one.  

Bad Poetry is: immoral. …gives you a bad cry instead of a good cry. …provides reason for the unreasonable. …conceives the self in self pity— a victim of verse. …draws devil’s horns on children of God …fails to uplift man to a greater calling. Bad Poetry is: false. …ineffective to convey the idea to begin […]

We talk about the weather in lieu of things we cannot change. We talk about your family of whom I can’t recall theirs names. We buzz about the birds as if we understand what they say. But we note it all sounds so lovely why can’t this be a perfect day?

U little god digger! who thinks that love is Gold traded in for ur beauty. Ur son u had him retake photos of U with profiles on the sands. Granular scrubs smooth rough faces swiped away from shedding light. Heaven forbids if unflattering lips were to tell ur secrets. Ur son (I mean the stranger) […]

My boy veers off adrift within the thought: neither our fatherland can lift him up nor force of mother earth can pull him down. He’s moon bound to be a man not caught… Command control out of sight out of ear shot. The worst case of vertigo by ego, he clings to stars for a […]

I don’t use these words lightly. Your poetry may suck. In the words of David Orr, a poetry critic at the New Yorker, “If you like all poetry, maybe you should be trusted with scissors.” The post modern era has brainwashed the masses into thinking all art is subjective and thus all art is equal. […]

  This is a recent commissioned work for a woman who loved baking diagnosed with cancer.  I also include work commissioned by my parents (an Easter Prayer).  If you like this work, share it.  And if you would like to get a piece commissioned, contact me personally on my contact page.   Otherwise subscribe to the […]

 “Broke” I’m breaking up, breaking down Breaking in, and I’m breaking out On brink to break, I’m breaking bad! Brake the brakes, I’m breaking mad! Break with Step. Break with Time. Break seam in pants, break-dance for a dime. Break bank, broken piggies tank Break the trust, broken deal by bust Break my balls, she […]