April 6, 2018

A Stoned Poet

Let he be the first one to cast a stone.
Poet, skip rocks at a shadow unknown.

Earth’s a rocket propelled in outer space,
philosopher’s stone called the human race.

Petrified, I hide behind a boulder
I walk out bolder as I get older.

The ground beneath us two is rock solid,
thus we are on some rocky relations.

Stick and big sticks may break all of my bones.
to be surer than sticks, here some stones.

The first tablet was God’s two tables of stone.
Moses dropped & cracked em when he’d atone
what his people had done when left alone.

Charlie Brown got a rock for Halloween
then made a pet rock after Snoopy died.

Peter, you are the rock I will build my church
Petros, why are you as dumb as a rock?
What? Does your name happen to mean rock?
Rocky, fight man! po’em with a south paw!

Statutory law’s for statues to shine.
We are men common by law not by rock.
So go try to bleed blood
your crazy diamond.

I wanted to let everyone know
that I’m in a rock and roll band call “Avalanche.”
Well, that is the long name for it.
It is otherwise called by our fans who scream,

We are advent garde to have release rock
to roll down the mountain stage while we play.
Don’t know why no one ever had ever stoned a crowd
Maybe their crowds came stoned to death.

Do you want to hear a new collection of ancient stoner songs?

“Roxanne, you don’t have to put on the unikite.
Roxanne, put on the unikite.
Roxanne, put on the unikite.”

Singing, I love rocking chairs.
Put a little round in the stone henge, lava.
I love rocking chairs.
Come and take a stone,
and throw on at me.

“You are going to rock by body
into fossils, come be preserved with me.”

“It’s raining rocks
It’s raining rocks.
The end.
filled with ice, rock, gas and dust,
This comets coming for all humanity
It’s raining rocks, oh yeah.”

Thank you. Thank you.
[Bow and be handed a bag of rocks on stage.]
Now that I have rocked your socks off tonight,
throw here your panties and bras.

Back in the day, David took of those fan’s bras flung his way
and slung a stone from a c cup between the eyes
and Goliath died when struck by a pebble size kidney stone.
Moral: don’t watch girls gone wild in battle.

If rock and roll is not for you,
go check out our gospel album
called the rock of our salvation.
We even include Hymn 92
from the Red Book, The Solid Rock

“On Christ, the solid rock, I stand;
all other ground is sinking sand.
All other ground is sinking sand.”

Pagans worshiped stone henge.
God command us not make graven image
He is no statue and neither are you.
For God is in all rocks of the cosmos.
There no containing his love in such stoic block.

I push a rock.
It won’t budge.
All I keep doing is making myself go up.
Push ups you might say.
I’m stronger for propelling myself off this earth.
Yet I fall back down a fated path.
I am a living rock looking for reason
to matter and get up to do it again
and fight gravity in an uphill battle.

To dig up the mountain destroys
the journey of rock we were to climb.
Then again, I wouldn’t have to carry
up all of these stupid rocks up here.
Or am I making a mountain
out of an ant hill? Poor ants…
I shouldn’t have dropped that on them.

Jack and Jill tumbled down the hill.
Here rest stones with their names
on them at the bottom of the ravine.
May they rest in peace.
May they rest in pieces
as a stony brook beat them
into fragments of granular sand
senseless. Water smooths cerebral folds
in wash and straightened on a bed of rock
still and calm as if they were never there.

Author: Rj Wiechecki

I am a writer, both poet and philosopher. I do works of philosophy through the medium of poetry. I also do commissioned work as a poet as a business.

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About Rj Wiechecki

I am a writer, both poet and philosopher. I do works of philosophy through the medium of poetry. I also do commissioned work as a poet as a business.


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