April 14, 2018

Arithmetic by Feeling


So what does numbers have to do with our feelings?  They have to do with a lot more.  Check out either my spoken word YouTube video or poem in written form here.


Arithmetic by Feeling

Lowly are we emotional creatures
as compared to our intellectual pursuits.

Our feelings are better judged
by a single dowel abacus
as one would move across it’s gems.

Yet not be confused
with the binary
of a computer
true / false
on / off
switch or electric pulses
from our nervous system
running through chemical reaction.

No, we rest seated
not only in our bios
but also its symbology.
Number don’t exist
but their depiction of matter
can express truth.
Thus just matter will matter
in matterful ways.
Man inserts himself
into the world
by giving his self a perception
to see it and hand to manipulate
stones to move,
to count
and to count reality
one blind step at a time.

So let begin with one.
It is the loneliest number.
It is whole in unity.
One came from nothing
into something.
It exist an article of confession
with no one to confess.
There is no one to miss.
All for one and one for all.
However, there’s duality
in knowing that nothing exists
beyond the one thing.
There is nothing left
to conquer for our single

Thus, the one thing
of the whole
extended himself
into the void.

And two began a womb
by which one
could be one-on-one with two.

Yet, two and one
came together
out of loneliness
of missing none.
They tried through
the intersection
of themselves
to rediscover the feeling
of noneness.

That acute aware feeling
of numb
of incompletion
of no shape to give form
of openness to more

and produce the three.
From there, the ocean
and sky gave birth to land.

Their Venn-diagram
shared vision to matter
And so it begated with it
the remedy
for correction
and separation
such as religion,
and narrative.
Two sides
always had an angle
to pursue
some love triad
to make the story whole.

Three had shape,
but no depth.
In the search
for something deeper,
a forth point emerged
to pursue great heights
to actualize
the three into new dimension.
Four brought forth
an enclosure to capture space.
These four points
Prometheus gave man fire—
a tetrahedron to warm the soul.

A fifth point stirred inside the self
to reach out to the stars above.
The eternal immovable mover
began to fly across the sky—
a comet free to pull
into a will across a new period
pointed sharp by time.
And so the constellations
could be arranged.

Mobility gave a new twist in fate—
This expression exists
as an alternative to itself—
a choice between God or Mammoth
we fight between the self
in possibility.
Our five letter ether
became a six letter either.
Reality comes into question:
which I is the real I.
Two creations are in battle
for being the Truth.

The nihlist cries,
“Nothing means anything.”

The cynic shouts,
“Power is truth.”

The idealist proclaims,
“Truth is love.”

The skeptic denounces,
“no way to know one way or another.”

Man must step outside himself,
creation and it counter-weight
and rest.

Measure and balance on the scale.
By analogy,
one can pursue the truth
through the actualization of it
for God’s eyes only.

Within the seven,
there is a plethora of songs
infinite in octave and combination.

Yet I am a man,
I can only bare so many rocks as my burden.
I still have to live and die
within the dimensions that make me mortal.

I am incapable to feel any bigger numbers
than maybe the fingers on my hands.
How do you vex your soul on digit you can’t feel?

You can’t imagine suffering beyond the size of a tribe
without somehow dehumanizing it to the other.

God’s depicted as the Alpha and Omega—
from nothing to the infinite composed in the one.

We awe over the self-realization
of what numbers we don’t have.

The difference between the one million and one trillion
doesn’t compute any emotional thought other than, “wow,
this is something bigger than myself.”

The power of big numbers leaves us in awe
about how we should feel about them.

When numbers become to big to reason
and rationalize them properly,
the world become too big to fail.

Without a story with small numbers,
we lack the means to change the status quo.

Numbers become a quota for the justification
to scare us into submission.

The eight becomes a dimension
as linear as our mental computation.

The numbers in octaves all start to sound the same,
and there is no sensation to make sense of it.

And for God to be God in the greatest sense
—one we may not fully be able to conceive—
God must somehow to be able to step outside the infinitude
to be the unmovable mover and unstoppable stopper.

Not only did God create the world as we know it.
He could stop collapse the whole by nullification.

This the ninth realm is beyond our comprehension
it is beyond the existence in any possible world.

All other numbers are symbols for we ascribe meaning
13 is unlucky.
18 is legal.
69 is sexual.
99 is a restaurant.
666 is the mark of the beast.
1999 is a song by prince.

Or numbers are things things we pretend to know something about the situation.
Politician quote them out of sense of authority.

But numbers can transcend feeling
into a form objective from our observation
and true without our manipulation.
They speak for themselves.
These stoic figures refer to themselves as Math.

Author: Rj Wiechecki

I am a writer, both poet and philosopher. I do works of philosophy through the medium of poetry. I also do commissioned work as a poet as a business.

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About Rj Wiechecki

I am a writer, both poet and philosopher. I do works of philosophy through the medium of poetry. I also do commissioned work as a poet as a business.


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