I’ve been keeping a journal for the past five or six years.  Check out this latest video for more information.  Here is short preview of the video above.

1 Journaling helps answer your own problems

In the words of Winnie the Pooh, “you know more than you think”.  Stop looking to other people to solve problems you can do yourself.  It’s much cheaper than a psychologist.  Too often our addict minds will bin watch hours of information with little to no action.  Writing compartmentalizes even the things we know to be true and brings that truth to the forefront.

2 Journaling keeps you accountable to you.

If you have a made a commitment to lose weight or quit smoking or doing something in your life by writing it down in your journal, if you have failed to that.  The future you and posterity will be able to shun you.  That in itself is motivation.  You will never get tired of hearing yourself complain in an internal monologue of things you should have, could have, would have.  However, I guarantee it will get old writing it.  And maybe you will start changing things up as a result.

3 Journaling helps you focus on what you want to develop in your life.

To paraphrase Chinese proverb, feed the beast you want to live.  Writing provides a platform for your dreams and aspirations to exist on paper and build.  Writing has a mystical quality to it.  Think of the word spell or spelling.  You spell words.  Witches can put a spell on you.  That is no coincidence.  Words have a power to them that should be respected.  I say this (not in some mystical belief) but for pragmatic reason.  If you are not thinking about your goals and putting them on paper, you are not proceeding forward on that vision.  And writing is a medium you can do that.  If you keep those written words in a journal, you can track your progress toward that goal.

4 Journaling provides a platform can to test out your ideas in judgment freezone.

Sometimes your worst critic is going to be yourself.  So you might as well allow yourself to take the first stab at being the virgin slayer of your new minted words before they hit the print or web.  And you never know, you might catch all the mistakes each pass you go by writing the work.  I find if I write on a word processor or scrap paper first, I will hit the delete button or scrap it.  It is harder to do that in a bound journal.  I instead push myself though with the thought to make the best of what I thought.  By doing this, I am allowing the thought to exist in best possible light possible.  It beats looking at blank screen with writers block.

5 Journaling helps you not repeat history.

Think of writing as a code for your brain.  You are changing the neural connections each time you put pen to paper.  Journaling makes you more likely to think about the situation beyond a flight or fight response.  Often, our reacting to a situation as oppose to a thought dialogue with ourselves on a subject matter get conflated.  Think of the english phrase, what were you thinking?!  In most cases, the man or woman wasn’t thinking; they were reacting.  Writing allows us to press the pause button and reflect not only on our thoughts today, but what we were doing yesterday.  We start to see patterns.  And there is no way to break a pattern until you recognize it first.

6 Journaling makes you an Active Learner.

Critical thinking is a dialogue, not a spectator sport.  It requires not only the consumption of information but the production of something new.  Communication is a two way street.  Most of us were taught to hate writing essays and papers in school, and no wonder because most students are not interested in the content they had to write about.  However, if you are out of school, and you want to be an expert in your field.  Pull out that pen and paper.  Writing pen and paper helps you commit those thoughts to memory and and puts it in your own words to better compartmentalize it for daily speech and use.

Add you comments below on why you journal and if you have any journaling tips!

Author: Rj Wiechecki

I am a writer, both poet and philosopher. I do works of philosophy through the medium of poetry. I also do commissioned work as a poet as a business.

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About Rj Wiechecki

I am a writer, both poet and philosopher. I do works of philosophy through the medium of poetry. I also do commissioned work as a poet as a business.




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