5 Word Poetry Challenge

I will play this game with friends where they will give me 5 words as random or as weird as they want those words to be and I will create a poem for them.  You can either watch this on YouTube or read for you pleasure below.

Zwatko gave me: Open Mic; Music; Musings; Extravaganza.

Why Zwatko Isn’t Playing Tonight

Sir, we don’t any extra vaganzas to go around
for the cracked open mic has found its fizzle
after the musings had their way with them
the crowds fed up and filled too drunk for another round.
Come and play with us next week instead.
Sign ups are on the counter.

Mr. J. Reid gave me: mumbled; competition; repetitive; adversity; consistency.

Column 18 Row 3 of the School Choir

You mumbled repetitive something under the breath
why don’t you!?
What adversity it is to play the fool once,
but your soft voice beats all the competition.
You consistency at mediocrity will remain
…ever so wrong
… yet never heard in song

Monica gave me:

peristalsis- wave like motion involuntary pushing content forward in the gut?

Sarcomastigophora “Flangelle”

Schmerzen -”to kid” in hight german

coprophilic – obsessive interest in excrement

shazbot – Mork & Mindy curse from the planet Ork

I have one word for this date: Peristalsis

She’s a scientist,  I get it.
Her only saving grace is that she’s smart,
too smart for me or my smart phone
to google translate at her big speak words.
What the shazbot is she talking about!
Is she smitten or schmerzen with me?
I love the way her tongue is able to roll off
sarcomastigophora with ease
oh how she brought me to my knees
at first
until I found out her coporophilic kinkiness.
I thought she wanted my D.
I really thought she wanted my D.
It was hard to call her medical sampling
of me consent.
But why am I telling you.
That’s my crazy shit to do deal with.

Yangel gave me the following: outstanding; tragic; time; reverent; despair.

Spreading Ashes

The Reverant stood still
while the Mass rose and lowered themselves
to rise and fall was according to the tides
and times to throw outstanding tears
onto children who build castles from their despair
Tragic isn’t it to see such holy places washed away.
Comedic how ephemeral what can be lost in a day.


Alida offered up: games, fun, drinks, food, playing.

Finger Licking Good

Mom told me stop playing with my food
but this sauce kept on calling me.
Playing games and toying me from the menu,
we lock eyes and oh my holy…
You’re really hot, I mean grow hair on my eyeballs spicy…
too spicy, you’re a 9 and I’m like a 5.
My mouth is not worthy to have you on my lips.
But I could use a tall drink from your friend right there.

Tyran gave me: coffee; coaster; Adam Sandler; kittens.

My Mouth is a Theme Park

Espresso sat down on a roller coaster.
I tipped the up, up, up, and up,
and then the coffee went down my throat.
But then there was a technical difficulty:
Adam Sandler on the television said a joke
and I spew it all over my kitten and uggs.


Ian gave me: That; thing; was; batshit; crazy.

Well that’s a perfect poem.  I don’t think I can do anything more with this.

If you would like to have a five word challenge submitted, I encourage you leave a comment below.  I will choose the ones with the most likes from my different social platforms.  New Content will come out each Tuesday night and at worst Wednesday morning.


Author: Rj Wiechecki

I am a writer, both poet and philosopher. I do works of philosophy through the medium of poetry. I also do commissioned work as a poet as a business.

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About Rj Wiechecki

I am a writer, both poet and philosopher. I do works of philosophy through the medium of poetry. I also do commissioned work as a poet as a business.




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