Everyone has dirt
Have you colluded with soap?
Blood is on your hands.

Too Much Information is now Public

We live in a day and age where everyone has dirty laundry.  Not that this is news to anyone, but now it shows up on a news feed and is shared by willing participants to the {insert your social medias of choice} platform.  More so than ever we filter our world through a medium of private moments made social in a click.  The trend is not going to change, and to fight the trend seems ridiculous.

But I still know a few men and women who use dumb phones and stays away from social media including family.  The adages, “I don’t text” or “I don’t understand why you would want to text me when you can pick up the phone and call me” exist despite the advancement in communication.

Never in history have we been ever so tied together.  Never in history have we been ever so left alone.  I spend countless hours a day by myself.  What may have been liberating from a social structure of prior years has been replaced by new constraints.  We have replaced the Patriarchy with the Algorithm.  Search Engine optimization has become the big daddy to those who want a place in the world.  No longer are there kings.  Tech giants now reign supreme.

Who’s Your Daddy?

The whole concept of “Down with Patriarchy” is flawed because the Patriarchy is a synonym for society.  If revolt destroys the Roman Empire, the Barbarians are going to come in next to take dominion.  You see this happen for instance in the European Union with the invasion of the Islamic state in current times or Cultural Marxism and political correctness.  Big Brother from 1984 is moving in to take charge of our lives by moderating our language, and thus we moderate our speak.

If you want to rank of YouTube, you’ve got to know the algorithm.
If you want to place on Google, you’ve got to place for their SEO.
If you want to keep you twitter, you better moderate how you say things.
If you want to gain a following, you better follow what is trending.

So, don’t get me wrong.  I don’t think Big Tech is a bad thing.  And regulation is not going to solve the problem either.  But we have to make a choice on how we wish to craft image of our father.  Are we going to make a tyrant out of him and give up the sense of privacy or make him a benevolent king who gives me free platforms to do as I want?

We live in a Society!


You are not going to change the fact “we live in a society” as the meme goes.  In order for human to function we need to construct of organization to function.  Thus, we sacrifice a part of ourselves to function in the collective whole.  Before we go radical in disposition to tear down the tyrannical nurture our current social fabric, we should think twice about what who is replacing the father.  Are we making it the State our daddy through state sponsored social programming?  Is our father watching our every move with big data?  Our running away has been a Pinocchio’s Pleasure Island.  We get want we want today in credit to pay debts tomorrow by touching click bait for shit we didn’t know we needed until right that very moment.

Society isn’t going anywhere.  We will make various elements of a self sacrifice somewhere to bind ourselves to the privileges thus the responsibilities of maintaining that social fabric who keeps us warm.

You can’t have rights without accepting responsibilities or enslavement.

I don’t have all the answers to how we should structure this new and exciting tech age we live.  But if we look back in history, several themes repeat themselves enough times to recognize the pattern.  Personal responsibility bound to rights, gives the most freedom.  If you have the right to free speech, and the social platform has the right to take you sell your information to big data.  That is a form of enslavement.  The bearers of a technology or platform can take your voice away in a snap of a swipe.

The question that I pose to my audience is this:

What responsibilities do tech corporations and the men and women who interact with those tech giants have to each other.  What do we owe each other?

Leave you thoughts in the comments below.  I will do more post like these in the future depending on your interest shown on this post.


Author: Rj Wiechecki

I am a writer, both poet and philosopher. I do works of philosophy through the medium of poetry. I also do commissioned work as a poet as a business.

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About Rj Wiechecki

I am a writer, both poet and philosopher. I do works of philosophy through the medium of poetry. I also do commissioned work as a poet as a business.


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