Explanatory Force I walked for several miles down railroads, walking trails and a commercial strip thus had crossed a creek which flowed and weaved them all into one thought: purpose. At one juncture, I stretched out and looked up at the night. The stars are out. I thought how poor my eyes to not burn […]

I remember dust storms and steel mountains,
tips of tree limbs who reached over barb wire,
scrap piles I deconstructed into bins
of copper, brass, efx out from mire.

A boy plays with his
platonic shadow against
his own perspective.

Everyone has dirt Have you colluded with soap? Blood is on your hands. Too Much Information is now Public We live in a day and age where everyone has dirty laundry.  Not that this is news to anyone, but now it shows up on a news feed and is shared by willing participants to the […]

An Apple a day yes does keep the doctor away throw the rotten ones. So Doctors… I was a stubborn young boy for my mother.  And I had this thing with doctors since the day I was born.  I peed on the doctor who delivered me. I refused to talk as a toddler.  My first […]

      5 Word Poetry Challenge I will play this game with friends where they will give me 5 words as random or as weird as they want those words to be and I will create a poem for them.  You can either watch this on YouTube or read for you pleasure below. Zwatko […]

  I’ve been keeping a journal for the past five or six years.  Check out this latest video for more information.  Here is short preview of the video above. 1 Journaling helps answer your own problems In the words of Winnie the Pooh, “you know more than you think”.  Stop looking to other people to […]

  So what does numbers have to do with our feelings?  They have to do with a lot more.  Check out either my spoken word YouTube video or poem in written form here.   Arithmetic by Feeling Lowly are we emotional creatures as compared to our intellectual pursuits. Our feelings are better judged by a […]

I am working on typing up the transcript.  In the meantime I have the video right here.  Enjoy.  Mike Cecconi is a writer living is within Central New York who does “stand up” poetry and writing all the sort.  He has published several short chat books, and I interviewed him a few days ago to […]

“Observe its barcode sequence dress. Uh, it’s so post-non-conformist. Way binary! A cute uniform for any occasion. A chameleon of numbers. It says something bold but I am not sure what. But that’s the beauty of it: it is so open to the possibility of meaning that it left meaningless. Hence white and black so […]