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The Stars Above Us is a poetry book written by RJ Wiechecki with over 200 pages of poetry ranging from sonnets to more experimental poetry. Order yours today here to make sure we get a physical copy in your hands for the book release night.  Mike Cecconi, a fellow poet, had these kind words to say about the work in the forward.

“There’s a lyric by the prog-rock guitarist Adrian Belew “After all I’m only sand/To irritate the oyster/And to wait for the pearl” and it reminds me of R.J. and his work as a writer. An idea gets under his skin and he sits with it for a while, letting it work on him, letting himself work on it, ruminating on the notion. Then he interrogates the thought, he explores it, he wrestles with it, puts Silly Putty to the imprint of its image and pulls it off to stretch it around. I like that. There’s something wonderful to be said for granulating an idea to see what really makes it tick, as cud through four stomachs to get everything out of it. To not just chew it up but also work it over with your teeth and tongue, wring all the sugar from the gum then blow big bubbles with it to see how far it can expand before it goes translucent and then pops. It’s rad and that’s what he does.

I’m sure there are more factors to it than just this, but I partly chalk it up to his background in academic philosophy. That scholarly sense of rigor and explication, the research and the sense that there are unspoken footnotes laying outside of the text, waiting to be explored beyond just the moment of those words, internet hyperlinks out to other thoughts and others still and on and on and on. Like many of the most interesting poets that I’ve read or known, there is this sense that he comes to poetry to interpolate those trains of thought, that since poetry was not his first and native land, he brings a freshness to it by starting in another tradition first. Poetry from the philosophic, in his case, as we’ve all known poets who came to their poetry in second creative puberty, from being novelists or painters or theologians or lyricists or what have you, he follows that tradition of having sailed some other waters first and bringing that other perspective to this form. I think you’ll find that in his work as I have too.

So, you know, dig in. There are pearls here. There is the shiny interesting work of an oyster that got the grit into his mouth and slowly aggregated thought and reflection onto it until what was once just a little dirt and the spit of an ocean bivalve has become something gleaming to put on a string together and watch shimmer in the light. That’s what a chapbook of poetry is, isn’t it? That’s what we do when we create our constellations out of strings of the stars above us, isn’t it?”

Author: Rj Wiechecki

I am a writer, both poet and philosopher. I do works of philosophy through the medium of poetry. I also do commissioned work as a poet as a business.

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About Rj Wiechecki

I am a writer, both poet and philosopher. I do works of philosophy through the medium of poetry. I also do commissioned work as a poet as a business.