5 Word Poetry Challenge I will play this game with friends where they will give me 5 words as random or as weird as they want those words to be and I will create a poem for them.  You can either watch this on YouTube or read for you pleasure below. Zwatko […]

Bad Poetry is: immoral. …gives you a bad cry instead of a good cry. …provides reason for the unreasonable. …conceives the self in self pity— a victim of verse. …draws devil’s horns on children of God …fails to uplift man to a greater calling. Bad Poetry is: false. …ineffective to convey the idea to begin […]

I don’t use these words lightly. Your poetry may suck. In the words of David Orr, a poetry critic at the New Yorker, “If you like all poetry, maybe you should be trusted with scissors.” The post modern era has brainwashed the masses into thinking all art is subjective and thus all art is equal. […]