A boy plays with his
platonic shadow against
his own perspective.

Everyone has dirt Have you colluded with soap? Blood is on your hands. Too Much Information is now Public We live in a day and age where everyone has dirty laundry.  Not that this is news to anyone, but now it shows up on a news feed and is shared by willing participants to the […]

An Apple a day yes does keep the doctor away throw the rotten ones. So Doctors… I was a stubborn young boy for my mother.  And I had this thing with doctors since the day I was born.  I peed on the doctor who delivered me. I refused to talk as a toddler.  My first […]

      5 Word Poetry Challenge I will play this game with friends where they will give me 5 words as random or as weird as they want those words to be and I will create a poem for them.  You can either watch this on YouTube or read for you pleasure below. Zwatko […]

Let he be the first one to cast a stone. Poet, skip rocks at a shadow unknown. Earth’s a rocket propelled in outer space, philosopher’s stone called the human race. Petrified, I hide behind a boulder I walk out bolder as I get older. The ground beneath us two is rock solid, thus we are […]

This poem is a sonnet I wrote after reflecting on the death of Stephen Hawking. I imagined Hawking dating beautiful for women and seeing their beauty comparable to the universe he studied.

Check the latest poem by RJ Wiechecki titled News Boy (see below).  In the world of fake news, it is hard to imagine what a news boy selling papers would say on the streets as they did in the turn of the 20th Century would have to say.  But to be sure, they would a […]

Bad Poetry is: immoral. …gives you a bad cry instead of a good cry. …provides reason for the unreasonable. …conceives the self in self pity— a victim of verse. …draws devil’s horns on children of God …fails to uplift man to a greater calling. Bad Poetry is: false. …ineffective to convey the idea to begin […]

U little god digger! who thinks that love is Gold traded in for ur beauty. Ur son u had him retake photos of U with profiles on the sands. Granular scrubs smooth rough faces swiped away from shedding light. Heaven forbids if unflattering lips were to tell ur secrets. Ur son (I mean the stranger) […]