Check the latest poem by RJ Wiechecki titled News Boy (see below).  In the world of fake news, it is hard to imagine what a news boy selling papers would say on the streets as they did in the turn of the 20th Century would have to say.  But to be sure, they would a […]

U little god digger! who thinks that love is Gold traded in for ur beauty. Ur son u had him retake photos of U with profiles on the sands. Granular scrubs smooth rough faces swiped away from shedding light. Heaven forbids if unflattering lips were to tell ur secrets. Ur son (I mean the stranger) […]

My boy veers off adrift within the thought: neither our fatherland can lift him up nor force of mother earth can pull him down. He’s moon bound to be a man not caught… Command control out of sight out of ear shot. The worst case of vertigo by ego, he clings to stars for a […]